Gabriele Iaccarino

Director of Global Operations & Delivery Manager

Having over 20 years of expertise in environment architecture, planning, configuration and troubleshooting Gabriele has been involved in several large programmes in the financial, communication and retail sectors and worked with people from globally diverse teams. He has successfully delivered not only on new projects but also large-scale migrations and complex audit requirements.
Having delivered several several successful APM projects for Citi, RBS, Tesco, Barclays, Hutchinson, he specialises in delivering solutions for our APM vendors partners via Attuned Technology Application Performance Management practice.



Shana Iaccarino

UK Director & Chief Administative Officer (Global)

Shana manages all back office operations of Attuned Technology Limited across Europe and Asia Pacific. She has several years of experience of managing back office operations in Goldman Sachs. Shana is responsible for coordinating consulting engagements, time management, expenses, invoicing and contracts.



Sajid Insaf

CTO, Development and Test Manager & Asia Operations Manager

Sajid manages the development and testing projects and Asia Pacific operations for Attuned Technology Limited. He is also an APM and software consultant with over 18 years of hands-on software architecture, design, programming and performance monitoring experience. He has worked with large global organisations like Citi, Royal bank of Scotland (RBS), Visa Europe, Barclaycard, WorldPay, Port of Felixstowe, Computer Associates (CA) and Cisco. He worked on two of the largest acquirer transformations in the world. He has been responsible for architecting, designing and developing complex frameworks for payment platforms.


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