Partnership with New Relic

Attuned Technology is proud to partner with New Relic to deliver observability to our clients.


Observability Delivered By New Relic


About us

We are a boutique company that focusses on the delivery of observability and monitoring (O&M) through the best practices learnt, adopted and developed through years of experience.

At Attuned Technology we differentiate ourselves in our method and approach. We help customers towards self-proficiency, thereby ensuring continued return on investment.

While our customers continue to strengthen their O&M, we are always on hand to provide the right support for the appropriate level of our customers' O&M maturity.


Attuned Technology has proven experience in delivery adoption to large organisations. We assist you, our customers at each stage of your New Relic adoption and create a centre of excellence within your own monitoring team. This ensures a strong governance, use of best practices and most importantly, adoption across teams to maximise return on investment.


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