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At Attuned Technology we differentiate ourselves in our method and approach. We help the customers to adopt best practices to make sure they themselves become proficient in managing the software so that if needed, they can maintain the software themselves thereby ensuring that it continues to provide them return on investment

About Us

Why Attuned?


Our Approach

Requirement Analysis:

Our first question for any request we receive is ‘What’s the requirement’. We believe ... that the key to successful delivery is a clearly understood and agreed set of requirements. The challenge here for most companies is bridging the gap between high level requirement statements and low level delivery details. At Attuned Technology, we make this process seamless for our customers because we leverage our skills and experience across all projects and we rarely find ourselves in a position where no one in the company has ‘been there and done that’.


Once clear requirements have been captured the focus moves to managed delivery. Every ... step of the implementation process is overseen directly by company management no matter how large or small the project. Problems are identified and dealt with at the earliest - we believe in confronting problems with honesty and earnestness.

Validation & Customer Satisfaction:

Validating the delivery of requirements is integral ... to our customer satisfaction measurements because this not only allows us to address any discrepancies effectively and gives us the confidence that we have delivered value to our customers but also presents invaluable learning and development opportunities for us.


Ease of Engagement

We are easy to approach and deal with. We believe ... that and practice it. From our consultants, to our back office, to our CEO we are just a phone call or email away. Get in touch today. Our highly professional and experienced back office deals with administration, documentation and governance, leaving the rest of the company to focus on delivering value to our customers.



As a company we care. Therefore, our first and foremost criterion ... for selecting people who work for us is an attitude of caring. We focus on excellence and efficiency. We recognise that it is not always possible for our consultants to have every single skill required for every job, we therefore ensure that our people are never left to feel alone onclient site - We work as a team and our entire pool of skills and expertise is always available to all our consultants. As a result, our clients essentially have a whole team working for them and not individuals.

Our Clients