Many organisations have adopted or are adopting an agile approach to software delivery and development as part of a contemporary DevOps practice. We help customers with the cultural and methodological adoption of such practices; from changing a company's processes, implementing and building in automation as the key to delivering organisational best practices, managing the delivery of solutions, to examining the frequency and scale of tests running throughout the development life-cycle of an Application.

We provide organisations with a unique offering of services through the integration of Testing, Automation and Monitoring in a combined approach. This provides an increased guarantee of the success of programmes and predictability with a control on costs. We combine the power of rich tool-set offering and provision of Testing, Delivering and Monitoring specialists who are able to interact effectively and build positive business relationships with customers while addressing their needs and wants.

Rushing things out of the door with little or no testing, can easily lead to potential deployment bugs in production, which in turn can affect the reputation of an organisation very quickly. Today, tests are no longer something that slow the delivery process but instead accelerate it by providing confidence in the solution. Our objective is to get our customers in a position where Testing, Delivering and Monitoring will then become building blocks for automated integration, deployment and post-production tests.

We believe that teams in an organisation must have the freedom to choose a tool-set for their continuous delivery that meet their own needs instead of a prescribed set of identical and mandatory tools. After-all a tool-set is just a means to an end.

We help our customers with the selection of such tools and technologies to ensure they are tailored to their own needs. Where tools don't meet the need of the customers out of the box, we customise them. Where we believe the cost-benefit ratio of customisation and ownership of the tool is higher than bespoke development we have the capability to develop bespoke tools.

Ultimately we recognise that reputation is most important to our clients and while maintaining a balance between costs and time scales, we aim to deliver what works best for our clients to the highest possible standards.


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