Application Performance Management

Our experience of having worked with several large organisations, where monitoring has been absent and where it has been correctly used, suggests that if we monitor our IT estate we’re also better able to manage it. Applications, systems and network devices produce massive volumes of data. It is important to manage and analyze that data for accurate capacity forecasting, business growth analysis, customer experience visualisation and of course fast, effective and efficient turnaround of troubleshooting incidents and root cause analysis. It has been proven that being proactive with the ability to react quickly to market requirements and customer feedback is the best ROI your monitoring strategy can bring you.


Attuned Technology Ltd has been working With it’s customers to enable and enhance their monitoring capabilities through the following approach:

Discovery: Identify monitoring gaps and understanding the organisation’s current monitoring strategy.

Recommendation: Identify the correct tool-set that will fulfil the gaps and fit in with the Current monitoring tool-set.

PoC: Organise monitoring vendor licenses and create a PoC implementation to demonstrate suitability and iron out any high level integration issues.

Integration: Ensure that prep-work. Has been carefully carried out to identify a tool-set that integrates with the existing stack of applications, tools and available skills.

Deployment: With our extensive experience in planing, architecting engineering and deploying a monitoring solution we can help making what often is seen as a painful phase much more pleasant.

OOB: We don’t believe in the generic one-size-fits-all monitoring solution, which is why we help our customers identify the critical code in their application that's important to monitor. Often these metrics are not exposed as they are not common or apply to bespoke standards. More often than not, these are the crucial metrics to report on. We collaborate with application owners, application developers and tester to identify, collect and report on such metrics.

Visualisation: We have extensive experience in understanding customers’ requirements and what would suit them when it comes to visualising their metrics/data.We build bespoke dashboards to represent those requirements.

Alerting and Reporting: Visibility achieved by the monitoring solution will allow us to baseline the application to understand what is good and how good is good. It is also very important to share all the data which a monitoring team possesses. However, not all data is suitable to every stakeholder. We therefore help to identify which data is suitable for which team/person and create targeted reports for them.

Troubleshooting: Often we tend to find ourself involved in troubleshooting problems while developing the monitoring solution/strategy for our customer. We believe this part of our job and it is natural for a monitoring consultant get involved in the troubleshooting of application issues.

Documentation and Handover: All of our work is documented and knowledge shared to our customer.

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