It's All About Customer Success

Each day our consultants ask themselves two questions, before setting out for work: What can I do today that will give our customer the best return on their investment? At the end of the day - What can I do tomorrow to better what I did today?

We are a boutique consultancy that formed it's roots back in 2005 when our director Gabriele Iaccarino first set out to solve major problems at one of the world's largest bank's middleware estate. With his strong background in infrastructure and operating systems, he immediately realised that while there was monitoring for server resources and operating systems, a big gap remained in the application performance monitoring space. He made this his primary focus and introduced the bank to the concept of application performance management (APM) and APM solutions. The bank's management and information technology auditors saw merit in his argument and backed the initiative. He worked hard for three years and rolled out APM across 2500+ application servers, winning him many accolades.

He continued this quest across different organisations, providing much needed assurance to businesses that they were able to detect and address their application issues in realtime, enhance their customers' experience and fortify their reputation as providers of stable and proactive business services. Along the way, he met some similar minded individuals with a passion for delivering quality assurance and DevOps services like APM, application testing and automation. They worked together for several years on different occasions and across different business domains learning and developing industry best practices.

These individuals came from different technology areas like infrastructure and operating system administration, software architecture, design and development, process automation, database administration and software testing. A major problem identified by these individuals across the industry was that while it takes years to be an expert in a technology domain an organisation's technology problems usually require expertise in various domains. The normal approach was to hire contractors who if lucky would work together to resolve the problem but then would leave with the knowledge that they had gained. The other was to hire a large company that would bring in an army of people to provide some sort of solution and then replace it with another army of people to keep the system running.


Our Mission

With over 100 years of combined expert information technology services we are well on our way to achieving this goal. We love solving problems and have proven industry experts to solve them. So, if you have one we are here to help you solve it.

Our Vision

Attuned Technology Limited was formed with an aim to providing a better alternative - consultants who are experts in their domain with the support of other experts who they can lean on but do not cost the customer. The approach - provide the customer with the consultancy to implement and use off the shelf tools to resolve their problems, develop bespoke solutions and tools where there is nothing more suitable available, train their staff to operate, run and enhance these tools and provide post implementation support where necessary.

Our Clients